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  Manufacturer’s Defects:
Merchandise is covered for two (2) years against manufacturer’s defects and we will make every effort to promptly repair or replace any items that are defective. Specific manufacturer’s warranties will be honored where applicable; warranties are not transferable.

Environmental Effects:
Our warranties do not cover damages due to the expansion or contraction of furniture due to the extremes of temperature or humidity. Please see our article Providing a Proper Environment for more information. Since we cannot control the climate in your house, we only guarantee our furniture against cracking, warping, and woodworm infestation for 90 calendar days from receipt of the item.

Normal Wear & Tear and Other Damages:
Our products are not warranted against normal wear and tear, damage resulting from improper use, accidents, abuse, neglect, or damage or appearance changes resulting from improper care or storage. Due to the handcrafted nature and utilization of natural materials within many of our products, variations in size, shape, and color can be expected. Our warranty also does not cover rust or tarnishing resulting from scratches or abrasions to finish, damages to finish due to sun exposure, or any pet damages.

International Relocation:
Please be aware that most manufacturer’s warranties are limited and/or voided after an international relocation.

Floor Models & Clearance Items:
Floor Models and Clearance Items are sold “As Is” and are not covered by any warranty. Please inspect all items in the store before purchasing, as these items cannot be returned, exchanged nor refunded.

“Scratch & Dent” and Repaired Items:
“Scratch and Dent” and Repaired Items are clearly indicated on the tag and are sold “As Is” and are not covered by any warranty. Please inspect all items in the store before purchasing, as these items cannot be returned, exchanged nor refunded.

“Natural Materials” Means One-of-a-Kind Pieces:
Most of our furniture is hand-crafted using solid wood. Slight cracking or splitting is normal and not considered a defect. The wood will “breathe” and, with varying temperature and humidity levels, will expand and contract. Please be aware that wood furniture will have natural variations in grain and color, and inherent characteristics such as knots, mineral streaks, pitch pockets, and grain variation, which are not considered quality defects.Leather products will also have natural markings such as scars, brands, and other imperfections that are not flaws but part of the unique character of each product that we sell. Color and grain texture will naturally vary between items and within individual pieces. Due to the inherent characteristics and variations of natural materials, ECL cannot guarantee color matches.

All vintage and antique items that are sold at European Country Living have been treated for woodworm. However, woodworm can sometimes borrow deep inside a piece of furniture and still remain active after treatment. If an active presence of woodworm is noticed within 3 months of purchase, ECL will pick up your piece for treatment, free of charge. Please be aware that furniture—whether new or antique—can be infected with woodworm (or other pests such as termites) at any time.
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